Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Slowrolls ftw

soooo, got extermely lazy in updating this blog, here goes.....

Day 2 of the 300 euro side event at the Green Joker Poker side event didn't last very long unfortunately, but to be honest I knew I'd needa run pretty good in the initial stages starting the day with only 15 biggies. Pushed my stack in a few times when expected and got through, clawing my way up to end the 2/4k level with just under 20 bb . Blind off another bit, then the cut-off shoves for 8 bb and I isolated with 44. Not sure if this is the correct play but meh was content to gamble at this stage and I need a big hold vrs his 910 to get back in the tourney... not to be, QJ first 2 cards out as the dealer slowrolls the flop, K on the turn and I'm cripppled. Few orbits later and sort of frustrated at not getting a chance to get in first, I shove 86 off 7 handed with 6 bb, seat next to me wakes up with aces and it's gg me in 43rd place, 27 paying.

Really enjoyed the tourney, great struture and plenty of value with the field mostly made up of loose europeans - however, the length of time it takes players to make a decision live is really really annoying!! My starting table was pretty soft, lot of open limping going on and check/calling etc. Got off to a flying start and continued, by the end of the 200/400 level I had around 76k which is obvs a huge stack. However, lost a 45k pot with ak vrs QQ, a 3 bet pre with the AK that I almost imediately regretted, but when the 4 bet shove came after a 5 min tank( or was that a slowroll?) I was obvs calling. After this it was all downhill, got moved to a tougher table and really couldnt get anything going, hence finishing the day with just 56k 2/4k.

Had a few pints after the end of the day 1 which was a good laugh, but an even bigger laugh was my drunken friend's, errr, drunken exploits at the cash tables. Now with a few drinks, this man can have a wicked toungue at the best of times, but the verbal abuse and slowrolling of the Frenchies and Swiss at the table was something else!! Some epic slowrolls here but all was taken in good spirits (i hope) lol. Back at the hotel room I managed a drunken spin up on lock that covered the trip so that was extermely lucky but was still pissed off with myself the next morning that I had logged on, not a smart move when yer boozing er up.

Since the Dublin game, just been back to playing online, but to be honest been on a poor run. Gets demoralising after a wile but you just have to dig in and look to the next session. Nothing much else to report so il leave it at that....

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Day 2 - just the once please.

so, just about to start day 2 of the 300 side event. Gonna need to get busy soon, only got 56k at 2/4k with 80 left, but who knows, 18k ftw run like god one time pllllllz

Thursday, 4 February 2010

All Quiet....

Been relatively quiet on the pokers front, heater has been extinguished I guess. Havent been able to really pull any results together last week or so but i guess this is all to be expected so I'm not complaining.

Just discovered the US crime drama "The Wire", and I have to say I've been completely hooked on the damn thing! Such a great show with so many amazing characters and gripping storylines, I havent been able to stop wathcing episode after episode and have powered my way through to the end of series 3, just starting series 4 now. Great show that doesnt get the mainstream recognition it deserves....

Myself and a few others gonna hit Dublin this weekend for the Green Joker Poker Euro Deepstacks, the Main is sold out but defo gonna hit the 300 side event, wish me luck.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Keep her lit!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, no excuse really. Just get lazy when u don't make a post for a few days and gets worse the longer u leave it...

Results wise, its still been pretty decent recently which is great. Making my fair share of finals which is always nice. My confirmed favourite tourney by a long way is the 7.30pm 20r on Full Tilt, I have managed to final table it twice the last 2 times I've played it, which is quite sick, but managed to donk out 3rd both times. Good for $3k on Friday past, and $5.5k for 3rd once more this evening(Tuesday). This week, it's double guarantees on Full Tilt which seems amazing, the prize pools are very juicy indeed!!

Also had a 2nd in a $26 MTT on FTP last Wednesday which was also good for $3k, as well as a few solid Final Tables on Stars, including a win in a $22 6 max for $2k, always nice to bag the victory. So overall, I have no complaints with how things have been going, have even managed to spin up a small roll with my own coin on Lock Poker, would be nice to build on that.

Confidence in your game is a huge factor in success in MTTs imo and at the minute I feel like I'm on top of my game. Have tweaked a few aspects of my play in the last few months, mainly playing with a lot more aggression generally, and playing more pots in position with wider ranges, and the results have been very positive. Also, running like an absolute God certainly helps as well, I'm 990/991 in flips so far in 2010!

Shout out to a few other Omagh players who have had results recently online, Maccakid, Hellfish_89, Mickeycoyle, Pocket55ives and Bazmullin have all chalked up results recently. Even that tough Chi Dawg grinder has managed to pocket a few $$$, nice to see it, and nice to see that its not only talented boozers that this town produces!!

Went to book flights to Vegas for the summer the other night as well, but need to get my lost passport re-issued first, then I am def gonna book them. Been pretty much a dream of mine to go over during the WSOP, so fk it, why not go for it. Also, squad of us have penciled in a cultural tour of Liverpool for Paddys Day, this should be very messy indeed!

I decided to invest some of the $$ back into the setup at the house, including a spanking DELL 24" monitor that is pretty much the nuts, and a new chair that should help the posture and such - spending long hours in front of a desk/laptop couldn't be good for this department. Also have ordered a new Sony Vaio laptop which looks the bizz, my current HP lappy is overheating too much and randomly shutting down, so I dont mind spending the cash here cos its an investment more than anything. Just hope the good run continues....

Monday, 11 January 2010

Ship it!!

Another decent day at the tarbs and this time it was on Stars that I was running good....

Finished 3rd in the 5pm $20 20k gtd, this was good for just over $3k. Kinda disappointed as I went from chip leader to busto in the space of about 5 hands, losing a key flip with AJ vrs 10s vrs a very aggro Brazilian...

Was also running well and built a big stack in the $20 cubed on Stars at the same time of the 5pm Final Table and managed to final table it a few hours later. Ended up busting 3rd yet again lol when I missed like 17 outs which is rather frustrating, but still 3rd good for a healthy $4.5k

So another satisfying grind is over - long may this run of good results continue!!

Sunday, 10 January 2010


Decided to skip a night on the booze on Saturday night with a crowd of degenerate fish, partly cos for once I wanted to be fresh for a full Sunday schedule.

So, started off around 1pm and registered for almost every tourney $20-$70 as well as a few rebuy tournies up to $20 rite up to 10pm on Stars and Full Tilt. Also registered to take shots at the Warm-Up and Million on Stars.

Day started off pretty slow and was in fact busting quite a few fairly early, but by 5pm it started getting pretty hectic and it wasn't long before I was constantly 12 tabling and at a peak 14 tabling.

For a long time it was a nightmare to be honest, busting a lot of tournies and generally feeling as tho I was running like shit, however I managed to build a stack in a few and pulled it together mid game in one in particular, a $69 $22.5k gtd 6 max on Full Tilt. Despite a near fatal set back when my AK got donked by a loose German's A2 allin pre, I managed to final table this one for the second time in a week, however, this being a Sunday the prize-pool was much bigger and the $11k for first would have been sweet!! However, lost a key flip, AKdd vrs 88. The flop was just a fecking tease, A 8d 9d, I couldn't bink another diamond, and that was me busto in 5th!! Good for $1800 tho.

Nothing much else of note was coming together, I laboured my way into the money in the warm-up but cudnt pull together a stack and busted 400th odd. It was coming towards the end of the night when I started running good in a $69 $24k gtd, again on Full Tilt. Managed to gain the chiplead 14 left but lost a standard flip with AQ vrs JJ which sent me back into the pack again.

Still, managed to make the final table, and was hoping for a dose of the run goods one time, with over $18k ftw. Things were looking up when I picked up aces in the Sb and somehow managed to hold vrs q10 for a full double. A few of the shorter stacks got knocked out as the blinds increased and I really only managed to mantain my stack rather than build that killer tourney winning one. I took a mortal blow running AQ into KK 5 handed, then busted when I shipped over a cutoff raise with 33, only to run into 10s. No miracle 3, 5th was good for $5k.

So, overall a profitable Sunday and another couple of very solid Final Table appearances. Cant really complain but obviously the mind inevitably wanders to the huge first prizes on offer in both tournies, a combined total of like $30k eeeeeek!! GL all, and maybe next time, eh?

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Eventful day

So, just finished up another day of MTTs and its a case of close but not close enough really.

One of the first tournies I reged for was a $69 6 max on Full Tilt, managed to final table it but busted when my 10s ran into a8 allin pre :( 5th for $1500

And one of the last I reged for was the 9pm 11r donkfest on Stars. Managed to build a big stack mid game and made the final table with about 20 bbs so I had to get busy, but unfort busted in standard fashion when I shipped 15 bbs with 88 from the button and the BB called with KQ, QK6 3 K board sealed my fate. 8th for $1500

So, although a couple of solid final table cashes its a case of what could have been really, with like $20k combined for both wins. Would have been nice!!