Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Slowrolls ftw

soooo, got extermely lazy in updating this blog, here goes.....

Day 2 of the 300 euro side event at the Green Joker Poker side event didn't last very long unfortunately, but to be honest I knew I'd needa run pretty good in the initial stages starting the day with only 15 biggies. Pushed my stack in a few times when expected and got through, clawing my way up to end the 2/4k level with just under 20 bb . Blind off another bit, then the cut-off shoves for 8 bb and I isolated with 44. Not sure if this is the correct play but meh was content to gamble at this stage and I need a big hold vrs his 910 to get back in the tourney... not to be, QJ first 2 cards out as the dealer slowrolls the flop, K on the turn and I'm cripppled. Few orbits later and sort of frustrated at not getting a chance to get in first, I shove 86 off 7 handed with 6 bb, seat next to me wakes up with aces and it's gg me in 43rd place, 27 paying.

Really enjoyed the tourney, great struture and plenty of value with the field mostly made up of loose europeans - however, the length of time it takes players to make a decision live is really really annoying!! My starting table was pretty soft, lot of open limping going on and check/calling etc. Got off to a flying start and continued, by the end of the 200/400 level I had around 76k which is obvs a huge stack. However, lost a 45k pot with ak vrs QQ, a 3 bet pre with the AK that I almost imediately regretted, but when the 4 bet shove came after a 5 min tank( or was that a slowroll?) I was obvs calling. After this it was all downhill, got moved to a tougher table and really couldnt get anything going, hence finishing the day with just 56k 2/4k.

Had a few pints after the end of the day 1 which was a good laugh, but an even bigger laugh was my drunken friend's, errr, drunken exploits at the cash tables. Now with a few drinks, this man can have a wicked toungue at the best of times, but the verbal abuse and slowrolling of the Frenchies and Swiss at the table was something else!! Some epic slowrolls here but all was taken in good spirits (i hope) lol. Back at the hotel room I managed a drunken spin up on lock that covered the trip so that was extermely lucky but was still pissed off with myself the next morning that I had logged on, not a smart move when yer boozing er up.

Since the Dublin game, just been back to playing online, but to be honest been on a poor run. Gets demoralising after a wile but you just have to dig in and look to the next session. Nothing much else to report so il leave it at that....

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Day 2 - just the once please.

so, just about to start day 2 of the 300 side event. Gonna need to get busy soon, only got 56k at 2/4k with 80 left, but who knows, 18k ftw run like god one time pllllllz

Thursday, 4 February 2010

All Quiet....

Been relatively quiet on the pokers front, heater has been extinguished I guess. Havent been able to really pull any results together last week or so but i guess this is all to be expected so I'm not complaining.

Just discovered the US crime drama "The Wire", and I have to say I've been completely hooked on the damn thing! Such a great show with so many amazing characters and gripping storylines, I havent been able to stop wathcing episode after episode and have powered my way through to the end of series 3, just starting series 4 now. Great show that doesnt get the mainstream recognition it deserves....

Myself and a few others gonna hit Dublin this weekend for the Green Joker Poker Euro Deepstacks, the Main is sold out but defo gonna hit the 300 side event, wish me luck.