Thursday, 4 February 2010

All Quiet....

Been relatively quiet on the pokers front, heater has been extinguished I guess. Havent been able to really pull any results together last week or so but i guess this is all to be expected so I'm not complaining.

Just discovered the US crime drama "The Wire", and I have to say I've been completely hooked on the damn thing! Such a great show with so many amazing characters and gripping storylines, I havent been able to stop wathcing episode after episode and have powered my way through to the end of series 3, just starting series 4 now. Great show that doesnt get the mainstream recognition it deserves....

Myself and a few others gonna hit Dublin this weekend for the Green Joker Poker Euro Deepstacks, the Main is sold out but defo gonna hit the 300 side event, wish me luck.

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