Monday, 9 November 2009

Fortune Rooms Monthly Donkfest

On Saturday night, a few of us went into town for a few drinks to watch the David Haye vrs Nickolay Valouv bust-up. Sky Sports do a really good job at marketing such events and i have to say i was really looking forward to seeing this one which was billed as "David and Goliath". The "beast from the east" really is a huge guy lol and when he squared up to Haye in the first round i really couldn't see how Haye could actually hurt this man mountain!

The fight itself was pretty disappointing and quite a non event imo, but i guess in the end up Haye sorta deserved it but really there was nothing between them and neither seemed to really hurt each other, except when Haye caught him in the 12th and nearly chopped the big tree to the ground!!

Stayed out in town for the night after that but was a low key affair mainly because i didn't want to deal with a stinking hangover for the Fortune Rooms Cookstown £70 Monthly Freeze-out on the sunday.....

This tourney always gets a full house and today was no exception and 53 fish made up the field, meaning the £1450 ftw was well worth hanging around for...

Lost a few hands early on and was down to around 13k of the original 18k but had no need to panic at 100/200. Flatted a late position raise with 45cc, flopped the flush draw and filled it on the turn, getting 3k of value but failing to get a 7k blast called on the river. Few hands later i limp behind with A3ss and the flop comes a bootiful 10s 9s 4s. Guy in bb donks for pot, i flat. turn is a brick but he somehow folds when i min raise his turn bet, nooooooooo

Win and lose a few smallish pots but was cruising along and reached a high point of 32k at 300/600. Had a fair few raises snapped off and suddenly found myself with around 17k at 500/1k/100. Got moved to a new table where everyone seemed happy to limp into every pot so i figured I could chip up a little by shoving on the passive players. A few hands in I get busy and shove my 16k with A8ss at one of the chronic limpers only to be insta isolated by the button behind and i was obvs in bad shape vrs his JJ. However, "me being me" i binked an 8 on the flop and an 8 on the river and I was back in the game!!

Didn't really pick up much for the next few levels and the structure was pretty fast so I soon found myself floating around the 10-15 bb mark, open shoving anything decent when the opportunity presented itself and managed to sneak by, until my exit hand, when i shoved 27k @1.5/3k/200 with QJ from the Hi-jack, only to run into the BBs AK. Despite turning a flush draw to go with my flopped gut-shot i bricked the river and was toast in 16th place!

Hung about for a while railing "deadnit1" who was on the ultra grind and "dermybigface" but both didn't quite make it to the business end of things. Played a bit of blackjack but obvs had no success, most rigged game ever!!

So a bit disappointed not to do better in the tourney but the structure really does catch up with you (average stack at the final table was a shocking 8 bigs) and didn't really find a lot of good spots and was pretty much starved of any run of decent holdings. In fact, my run in the tourney was much like the boxing, by and large, a non event.

So, as Im writing this, just starting the days grind online, got 5 tables going at the minute with a ton more soon to start, so will hopefully have something positive to report in the next entry, laters.

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