Thursday, 12 November 2009


Just after busting the $162 50k on stars for $1800 in 8th place, but in all honestly I'm gutted that i didn't get closer to the cool $15.5k for first :(

Managed to satellite into this one for $30 and was really looking forward to taking a shot at a major prize-pool with a very manageable field size. Played solid throughout and picked up some nice hands and a few good spots, and before I knew it I was at the final table with just 8 players to beat to claim a huge first prize!!

First hand in I picked up KK in the BB and 3 bet the eventual villain who folded to the pressure. 8 hands in however, and I lose this massive hand for the chip-lead:

Had quite a bit of history with this guy from 2 tables out who was playing a very good LAG game. We had traded 3 bets pre-flops in previous encounters and tbh I didn't have much hesitation in shipping my 30 bigs in with a hand with as much value that 10 10 holds. Also, I felt a certain % of his range folds to the 4 bet shove.

Maybe some people fold the 10s in this spot, and try and ladder up the pay jumps a little, but I can honestly say this isn't my style and I'm happy with how the hand played out but obvs not the insta dead flop, ty very much stars!!

Soooooo, in the end up I narrowly missed out on a huge payday that really would have changed things for me. Hopefully the next time I get close to such a huge score I can run a little better!! Laters, off to rail this Macca fish and watch him blowup in a couple of donkfests he's got chips in LOL

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  1. Alright mate. Nice OPR stats, i'll add you to my links