Friday, 6 November 2009

a little about me

So, i've just took a random notion, that, after following various poker players blogs for quite a while now, i may as well go and start one myself!!!

Don't really know where to start but I suppose saying as the blog will cover mostly my poker playing i guess I'll give a little background there...

Im 24 now, and started playing poker sort of by accident really and like countless others I started off randomly playing a home game with friends when i was at college about 5 years ago, and was instantly hooked tbh, right from the off!!

Was obvs a big donkey at first, but I slowly started to get the hang of the game and began playing small local tournaments in the famous "el tel casino" in town lol, done ok playin these and they really gave me an even greater taste for the game and bigger tournaments.

It was about 3-4 years ago that I really started playing more and more and this inevitably lead to me discovering online poker. I started off playing some small sit n gos and a few tournaments, but really didnt know what i was doing in all honesty and, unfortunately, (unlike the dream "one $5 deposit" stories u hear wayyyy too often about online poker) it was quite a few deposits later before I started making some inroads....

After some studying, reading forums like PocketFives, talking poker with other players and reading poker books I had a few decent results online in mtts, but looking back i know that my game back then was very very unpolished but back even then, 2-3 years ago, online was nowhere near as tough as it is now, and i sorta luckboxed my way along.

I managed to pull a few decent scores together including a final table of the Sunday Warmup and a couple of chops in the then daily 50k on pokerstars which left me with a decent bankroll. However, i have never been the best at managing my bankroll and after a year of basically playin full time in the student area of belfast i was busto again, lol, however much of that was down to partying, living costs and non poker related loses, but in all honestly i can say it was a great years criac and wudnt change it for the world.

So thats kinda where im at at the minute, havent really been able to reclaim that roll as such and am now a backed player, but feel like im a much more rounded player, being a poker x factor subscriber has helped my game a ton and having put in a hell of a lot of mtt volume over the last couple of years, i hope now i can kick on to bigger and better things!!

I play mostly on stars (mully_85) and full tilt (mully07) where u will find me grinding mid stakes mtts.

I don't know what else to write now lol, this is where im at, and this blog i suppose will chart my grind at mid stakes mtts online, and indeed some live tourneys as well - later!!

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