Wednesday, 18 November 2009

One time Ireland!!

Haven't posted in a few days, mainly because poker wise there hasn't much been happening since last week.

Went out for a "few beers" to watch the Ireland vrs France game on saturday but that soon escalated into a full blown 2 day session, very messy indeed. Thought Ireland were a lil bit unlucky and we certainly had the chances to get a better result. However, tough as its gonna be, the Irish lads seems confident, so hopefully tonight they can produce something very special.

Spent Monday recovering and hardly played, but Tuesday played a full session. Had a couple of deep runs, and was disappointed to bust the $20 cubed on stars in 13th place, with $8.5k FTW.

So, def no repeat of Saturdays exploits tonight, just gonna watch the match at home while playing a few donkaments,.. Come on ye Boys in Green!!

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