Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Eventful day

So, just finished up another day of MTTs and its a case of close but not close enough really.

One of the first tournies I reged for was a $69 6 max on Full Tilt, managed to final table it but busted when my 10s ran into a8 allin pre :( 5th for $1500

And one of the last I reged for was the 9pm 11r donkfest on Stars. Managed to build a big stack mid game and made the final table with about 20 bbs so I had to get busy, but unfort busted in standard fashion when I shipped 15 bbs with 88 from the button and the BB called with KQ, QK6 3 K board sealed my fate. 8th for $1500

So, although a couple of solid final table cashes its a case of what could have been really, with like $20k combined for both wins. Would have been nice!!

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