Monday, 4 January 2010

Let's get it on

Haven't posted in a wile as I've been busy celebrating Xmas and New Year with plenty of turkey, sweeties and of course, orange aftershock!! Didn't play much poker at all over the festive period mostly cos I was out on the razz most of the bleeding time!!

Last time I played online before this evening was on Xmas night, where I managed to final table what is quickly becoming my fav tourney, the 7.30pm 20r on Full Tilt, 4th was enough to bag myself $2.5k but was obv disappointed not to take down the whole thing with $7.5k for first. However it's still a nice end to a nice December on Full Tilt - $20k prizes, $16k profit and a whooping 406% ROI :) Long may this continue.

Only other note-worthy news poker-wise was a nice victory in the Xmas game we orgainised in Omagh on the Monday after Xmas, a £60+5 freeze-out held in the O-Zone in town. Ended up doing a deal 3 handed, I got £900, partly cos I had the chip-lead but mainly due to me holding a massive, massive edge over the 2 other fishays, who gleefully accepted £650 each lol jk jk ;) so that was a nice cash booster after spending a clean fortune over the last few weeks!!

It's time now to knuckle down and put in some serious volume again, time to really grind and build on the positive results of late. Looking forward to it tbh so hopefully can kick on in 2010. Have a few things in my head that I wanna achieve this year, the new year gives us a fresh start and all that. The main one is non poker related, in that I wanna get up off my arse and plant it back in the gym!! Poker turns u into such a bum and this is something that sounds easy but is harder to turn into reality, but its gonna have be done, my set of Michael Bubles aren't wanted :)

Poker wise I would really love to make it to vegas this year during WSOP and would also love to play in the Irish Open main event as well, so hopefully I can make this happen!

So here's to looking forward to a successful year ahead on the tables and off, gl all in 2010 and let's get it on!!

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