Monday, 11 January 2010

Ship it!!

Another decent day at the tarbs and this time it was on Stars that I was running good....

Finished 3rd in the 5pm $20 20k gtd, this was good for just over $3k. Kinda disappointed as I went from chip leader to busto in the space of about 5 hands, losing a key flip with AJ vrs 10s vrs a very aggro Brazilian...

Was also running well and built a big stack in the $20 cubed on Stars at the same time of the 5pm Final Table and managed to final table it a few hours later. Ended up busting 3rd yet again lol when I missed like 17 outs which is rather frustrating, but still 3rd good for a healthy $4.5k

So another satisfying grind is over - long may this run of good results continue!!


  1. nice run the last while mate, your due a really big one soon,

    keep grinding

  2. Great results. It's posts like this that make me want to grind tournaments but I simply don't have the time and patience!