Sunday, 10 January 2010


Decided to skip a night on the booze on Saturday night with a crowd of degenerate fish, partly cos for once I wanted to be fresh for a full Sunday schedule.

So, started off around 1pm and registered for almost every tourney $20-$70 as well as a few rebuy tournies up to $20 rite up to 10pm on Stars and Full Tilt. Also registered to take shots at the Warm-Up and Million on Stars.

Day started off pretty slow and was in fact busting quite a few fairly early, but by 5pm it started getting pretty hectic and it wasn't long before I was constantly 12 tabling and at a peak 14 tabling.

For a long time it was a nightmare to be honest, busting a lot of tournies and generally feeling as tho I was running like shit, however I managed to build a stack in a few and pulled it together mid game in one in particular, a $69 $22.5k gtd 6 max on Full Tilt. Despite a near fatal set back when my AK got donked by a loose German's A2 allin pre, I managed to final table this one for the second time in a week, however, this being a Sunday the prize-pool was much bigger and the $11k for first would have been sweet!! However, lost a key flip, AKdd vrs 88. The flop was just a fecking tease, A 8d 9d, I couldn't bink another diamond, and that was me busto in 5th!! Good for $1800 tho.

Nothing much else of note was coming together, I laboured my way into the money in the warm-up but cudnt pull together a stack and busted 400th odd. It was coming towards the end of the night when I started running good in a $69 $24k gtd, again on Full Tilt. Managed to gain the chiplead 14 left but lost a standard flip with AQ vrs JJ which sent me back into the pack again.

Still, managed to make the final table, and was hoping for a dose of the run goods one time, with over $18k ftw. Things were looking up when I picked up aces in the Sb and somehow managed to hold vrs q10 for a full double. A few of the shorter stacks got knocked out as the blinds increased and I really only managed to mantain my stack rather than build that killer tourney winning one. I took a mortal blow running AQ into KK 5 handed, then busted when I shipped over a cutoff raise with 33, only to run into 10s. No miracle 3, 5th was good for $5k.

So, overall a profitable Sunday and another couple of very solid Final Table appearances. Cant really complain but obviously the mind inevitably wanders to the huge first prizes on offer in both tournies, a combined total of like $30k eeeeeek!! GL all, and maybe next time, eh?

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