Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Another Day, Another Dollar

So, as I start another day at the grind I thought I'd make a little post. Its almost impossible to keep this blog updated on everything that happens poker wise, unless its very newsworthy. And unfortantely, when faced with the harsh reality of tournament poker, it is true that the vast, vast majority of time you're going to be confronted with failure, thats simply the nature of the beast.

So, with that in mind, here are a few things that have happened the last week or so poker wise that escaped the mind when posting a regular blog:

- 8th December, 7th in a $69 40k gtd on Full Tilt for $1500. Particular disappointment. Was 2/7 with $12k ftw when I misplayed one hand badly and ending up busting a few hands later :(

- 9th December, Final Tabled the $28 big antes Tourney on Stars, finishing 4th for $500, $1400 ftw

- Couple of final tables in the $20 180 mans on stars but disapointing to finish 8th and 4th. These tournies are very much a personal favouritie of mine, its just a pity they don't fill up a bit quicker.

- Step 5 on Pokerstars. Manged to win consecutive Step 3 and 4 and went straight into the $700 Step 5. Busted 7th AK < A10 which is the bubble in these so back to square one. In retrospect, playing the Step 5 was a mistake, after reading PocketFives apparently the best route once you reach Step 5 is to unreg and play the $700 MTT qualifier for the PCA instead. Understandably there is very little value in terms of the players in Step 5/6, so lesson learnt there. Gonna play a few more of these Steps in the next week, see if I can get close to shipping a nice wee package to the Bahamas :)

- 15th Decemeber, 13th in $69 $24 gtd on Full Tilt, was really feeling good about this one with $7.5k ftw as I had a really loose table image, but was coolered running QQ into AA in a 3 bet pot on a 9 high flop fml

So, that's about it, time to get back to the multi-tabling task in hand, gl

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