Monday, 14 December 2009

Runner Runner Fun

Played live again yesterday, the monthly £70 Freeze out in the Fortune Rooms Cookstown.

Got off to a very good start getting up to over 30k at 75/150 after my set of 9s get full value from A5 on a A79 5 board, all the money flying in on the turn. Lost a few pots and was sitting with 22k at 300/600, when a notorious monkey min raises to 1200 utg, I lick my lips seeing QQ in BB. Middle aged guy on button also flicks in the 1200 and I elect to "squeeze" to 4k. UTG monkey obvs flats as does the button.

Flop is a decent AKQ rainbow. I check to set up the check shove allin. UTG monkey bets 5k, button jams for 15k and I snap with my set. Button has been coolered holding AKdd for top 2. As I'm sitting watchin the turn and river roll out im simply focused on avoiding a King or Ace, and am relieved to see niether. However, as it turns out, a diamond on the turn has give him the backdoor flush draw and the river completes it!! LOL, so I'm a little shocked at this stage and dont really know what is going on but the dealer ships the 45k pot to the guy, and for the second week in a row Ive been all in with a flopped set only to be undone by runner runner :(

This left me crippled but grind for a while before losing a flip to bust mid game. Well done to "maccakidatc" for shipping the tourney for £1200! :)

Playin a ton of MTTs atm, so time to get the grind on and ship something, laters.

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