Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Mini heater??

Played live at the Cactus Jack club in Bridge-end just outside Derry on Sunday after my nice ship on Saturday night. It was a 160 Euro Freeze-out and I got off to an absolute flying start, some of the play you see from live players is just LOL. I really cudnt be bothered boring u all with the details, but its enough to simply say that in one hand a guy stacks off 150 bbs to me with JJ on an A323 board with me holding AA.

Managed to build and hold a big stack through-out but ran out of steam somewhat and bubbled it in 12th, sigh.

Monday it was back to the grind online and was going well in a few, but ultimately it was in only one, the $26 19.5k gtd on Full Tilt, that I made any notable headway, finishing 3rd for $2.5k

Today I only registered for a handful and pretty quickly was 2 tabling the daily 80k on stars and the 8.30pm $50 on FTP, ended up busting the 80k in 70th odd but I managed to build a chip lead stack in the 25k with 24 left and 8.2k ftw...

Plodded along til the final table where I couldn't really build that decisive tourney winning stack, eventually busted 6th for $1600 when my 10 10 filled a boat on the river of a AJJ410 board, but obvs no good vrs a slow played AJ!!

So, in the grand scheme of things its been a pretty good few days, just hoping that the run good stays with me a little bit longer cos it feels nice to be a luck-box now and then :) way to watch the rest of Ironman laters fishies

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