Monday, 7 December 2009

A live effort!

Depsite suffering quite a brutal hungover from Saturday nights exploits, I decided to play the 165 euro Freezeout at the Gold Club letterkenny yesterday.

There was a very surprising turnout of 113 players and with a 15k starting stack and half hour clock with all the levels included it turned out to be a very enjoyable game!

Got up to around 21k at 150/300/25 but lost around 8k with AcKh on a A xh xh xh board vrs guys limped J10hh. After this was pretty much on the back foot and grinded for an age but still managed to build back to 26k at 600/1200 when I pick up 88 late position 7 handed. Thought about simply open jamming to pick up the blinds and antes but ended up making it 2600, LAG fella reships 22k on me from the button. I decide its a decent chance to double up as the guy had already jammed on one of my opens the previous orbit and I swiftly call. He tables KJ off, and the door card is a delightful 8!! Nice life and already Im planning my assault on the table with a 50k stack. mmmmmm well not quite, as the safe flop of 8 10 2 was destroyed by a Q on the turn, and a fooking A ball on the river!! Quite a frustrating way to lose the hand but I guess its simply a race preflop anyways. Actually somehow manage to turn 3k at 600/1200/75 into 14k at 800/1500/75 but KJ comes back to crush me again vrs my AQcc to bust around 40th sighhhhhhhh.

Even though it was very frustrating to bust the way I did I have to say I really enjoyed the tournament, it reminded me of how I much i really enjoy live poker, when u have a well structured tourney with a decent sized field. So kudos to the Gold Club who put on a really good show and its a certainly a tournament I will check out again. Dermybigface was the last man from Omagh standing finishing 5th for 1400.

Galway is coming up this weekend, and I had planned to go down and maybe play a few side events but now im not so sure. Will see how online goes this week so will not rule anything out just yet...

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