Saturday, 19 December 2009


Lol so its Saturday night and I'm just after chopping the 7.30pm 20r on Full Tilt after doing a deal Heads Up with "TheDylan". Actually had a decent chiplead HU, but then I doubled him 88 vrs JJ so that evened things out. He is a good regular so we decided to discuss a deal - we took 8k each and played for the remaining $840, which I also managed to luckbox - so managed to bag just under 9k!!

Feels absolutely great to be honest and this is my biggest score for quite some time, at last all the grinding has paid off :) felt I was knocking on the door making deep runs a lot recently and it is seriously just a great feeling to win a MTT like this with such nice money for the winner....

Was actually very close to heading out on the beer tonight and it was pretty much a last minute decision to play - lol doesn't it always work out like that!?? In all honesty I was determined to put in as many hours as possible before Xmas week and boyyyyyyy am I glad i decided to swap a night on the tiles for a night on the grind!!

Soooo, a very nice time for some shippage, this completely eats up whatever makeup I had and a very timely nice cash out to boot, weeeeeeeeee

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