Thursday, 10 December 2009

Expect the unexpected

Took a mad notion of firing up a fair few MTTs at 12am (Friday) after coming home from a local pub game I helped run and I sure as hell am glad I did! Finished at 6am with a sweet end result - shipped 2 tournies, the $5k gtd $50 6 max on stars for $2300 and a $10 KO tourney on Full Tilt for just under $1400 weeeeeeeeeeeee

Obviously I am well chuffed with the results of this unexpected session and things could have been even better as I ran deep in a few others but couldn't quite make it an extremely sick night lol

The feeling of winning a tourney is something else. To win 2 in the space of half an hour is great! I guess it helps ease the pain of the Galway satty disaster, after which I really did feel very, very pissed off with poker. This game we play really is a sick sick roller-coaster ride, and I may enjoy this brief and all too seldom feeling of vindication, satisfaction and relief while I can :)


  1. wp mate, nice comeback after the sick beat in the satty