Thursday, 17 December 2009

Die Poker

I really wish I had something positive to write about every entry but poker is way too gay for that. It's 6am now, and just after bubbling the final table of the 14k $20r 6 max on full tilt with 4.5k ftw. Sweet.

Gut wrenching it really is, as I managed to build a chip lead with 9 left sitting with over 70 bbs, 290k @ 2/4k. However a few hands later I run QQ into Aces in what was an awful cooler imo. I wish I could post the hand but having trouble saving full tilt hand histories. Anyways, I flat a button raise (4 handed) with the Queens, and proceed to get it all-in on after check raising the 335 flop, FML. Surely there is no getting away from it here??

It left me with 20 blinds but I cant pull it together again and obv its another final table bubble... feels so shitty to go from hero to zero in the space of a few hands.. poker can die lol

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